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With nearly 1 million people, it's own "gayborhood" where you can club hop and lots of energy, Mexicali, B.C. is simply where it's at!  Our guide tells you everything you need to know when it comes to the Mexicali gay / lesbian scene!  The guide includes hours of work compiling the most complete, most in-depth, step-by-step driving and walking instructions to the areas best gay clubs, faq's and more!  Includes club reviews, maps, pricing & descriptions.
Our guide is a must for anyone gay in or near Yuma!

remember in mexico:   only 18 to drink - 5.00 USD cover charge 
The 101 on Mexicali Gay Clubs!
Writen by gays for gays!

Includes expanded FAQ section answering: 
Do I drive or take a cab?  
How do I get there?  Is it safe?  
Is my auto insurance good there?  
Do people speak English?  
Where do I park?  
Do they take US dollar?  
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Written by gays for gays.  We are all family.
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Mexicali Gay Bar and Club Guide!
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Club Mirage, Mexicali
only 55 min. from Yuma
Babylon, Mexicali
only 55 min. from Yuma

"I really wanted to club while in Yuma and this guide was a HUGE help!" 
 T.  Escalanti, San Diego

"I printed it out, took it along, and had a great time in Mexicali!"  
A. Moss, Yuma  

"G" Nights / Club Venneno Mexicali
only 55 min. from Yuma

Sugar, Mexicali
only 55 min. from Yuma


Now includes driving instructions, club reviews and more...
                    Includes:  Mirage, Babylon, Venneno / "G" Nights

The Official 2019 Mexicali, B.C. Gay Bar & Club Guide!
Featuring the best of the best Mexicali, B.C. gay clubs!
includes driving instructions, walking instructions from the 
Calexico border crossing, club reviews and more...

San Diego and Phoenix Gay Clubs:
2.5 hours from Yuma
Rrrrrrrrroad Trip???
Written by gays for gays!  We are all family.
San Diego
newly revised!