Original 2005 report on Amancio murder
FromThe Sun Newspaper  Yuma, AZ        

A Yuma man was found murdered in the Colorado River
Friday, May 6th, 2005.  Amancio Corrales, 23, was found dead at 7 a.m. in the river about 500 yards west of Paradise Cove, behind Joe Henry Park.

"We can't specifically release (what killed him), but
it was from violent trauma," said Maj. Leon Wilmot,
with the Yuma County Sheriff's Office. He said the
murder likely occurred between midnight and early this

Sheriff's Capt. Eben Bratcher said the agency had to
be vague because the investigation was ongoing. He did
not have any information further information about

Bratcher said a passer-by saw articles of clothing and
blood in the river and called authorities. The body
was found submerged in shallow water.

"This is one of the crime scenes," Wilmot said. "There
may be another. It's unknown."

Paradise Cove is on the river just west of Joe Henry
Park, which is at 23rd Avenue and Colorado Street,
Bratcher said. He said the cove, which has a boat ramp
and picnic area, is federal land that has been closed
for years.

The case remains under investigation. The sheriff's
office would like information from anyone who saw
Corrales or knows of his whereabouts during the
evening hours Thursday and early morning hours Friday.

"We are most interested in speaking with anyone who
had seen Corrales or who he was with (Thursday)
night," Bratcher said.

Anyone with information concerning this crime is asked
to call lead Detective Raul Garcia at 783-4427.

Red's Birdcage:  Homophobic?       

Just recently a friend of mine was asked to leave the bar because his arm was around another male.  This place is a breeding ground for the ultra homophobic crowd.  So don't think the movie Birdcage and this bar have anything in common.

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Yuma County Sheriff's Office initially stated the murder of Amancio Corrales lended itself to a hate crime.  This belief has since been ruled out.

Yuma Sun, Yuma, AZ   

Amancio Corrales, a 23-year-old Yuma man who was dressed as a woman when he was murdered, may have been the victim of a hate crime, according to the Yuma County Sheriff's Office.

"A hate crime is not ruled out," Sheriff's Capt. Eben Bratcher said. "Until we find who did it, we don't know the motive.  The situation lends itself for one to believe that's the case.  Thinking someone is a woman and then finding out they were a man would not sit well with some people."

Bratcher said Corrales was dressed as a female while attempting to pass himself off as a woman at one or more local bars on the night of May 5.  Bratcher said it was "a significant possibility" that Corrales left one of the bars with people who thought he was a woman.

Corrales' body was found May 6 submerged in shallow water about 500 feet west of Paradise Cove, just west of Yuma's Joe Henry Park.  Corrales was born in Sinaloa, Mexico, and was a cosmetologist.

YCSO has said only that Corrales died as a result of "violent trauma." Bratcher declined to describe Corrales specific injuries.

Rumors in the community and on the Internet message boards have alleged that Corrales was brutally beaten to death, possibly even mutilated.

Bratcher said he had heard many of the rumors about the murder, several of which he said were not true.  He said YCSO would prefer that people who believe they have information about the crime come and speak to the sheriff's investigators or call them at 783-4427.

Investigators would like to speak with anyone who might have seen Corrales the day or night before his body was found or who might have information about people who were with him.

YCSO has not identified any other crime scene in the murder besides Paradise Cove, according to Bratcher.  "There was a lot more evidence at that scene, but we didn't treat this any differently than any other homicide," he said.

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HATE CRIME... or not?

Suspect in the Murder of Amancio Corrales Behind Bars After Two Years      
MAY 23, 2007 

Yuma, Arizona - On May 6, 2005, The Yuma County Sheriff's Office launched an investigation into the murder of Amancio Corrales, a female impersonator who was found murdered after allegedly spending the evening prior out at local bars. On May 23, 2007, at 1724 hours, investigators from the Yuma County Sheriff's Office made an arrest as a result of an anonymous tip from the public and the two year investigation into this case. Consistent efforts by The Amancio Project help to keep this case in the public eye and indirectly led us to this point.

Investigators arrested Ruben Solorio-Valenzuela, 23, of Yuma. Solorio was booked into the Yuma County Jail on one count of second degree homicide.

At his arraignment today during a brief description of his extensive criminal history and because of the nature of the crime and the possibility of being a flight risk a Bond of One Million Dollars was levied.

Anyone with any information concerning this case is urged to contact the Yuma County Sheriff's Office at 783-4427.

Yuma's gay & lesbian clubs exposed! 


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Vigils across Arizona held for Amancio 

The vigil honoring the death of Amancio Corrales in Yuma on Saturday, June 25, 2005, at Yuma's Riverfront Park was a huge success.  A Phoenix vigil was also held on August 6, 2005 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the Arizona State Capitol, House of Representatives Lawn.  The story has now received national attention.

What is the "Amancio Project?" 

"The Amancio Project" is born in Yuma, Arizona.  Amancio Corrales, 23, was murdered on May 6th. His body was found along the Colorado River, having suffered "violent trauma" and stab wounds to the heart.

The project, assisted by family members and close friends,consists of a coalition of concerned citizens from around Arizona to honor his memory and bring attention to the crime. He was a well known female impersonator in Arizona and Mexico; a faithful friend to all who knew him; a good brother to his family and known for his charity.

Further details on the Project will be forthcoming. The project is in cooperation with the Yuma County Gay Rights Meetup Group, United Church of Christ of Yuma, Arizona Leadership Institute (ALI), Arizona Human Rights Fund (AHRF), Wingspan, and Southern Arizona Gender Alliance (SAGA),.  A vigil is also in the works and details will be released as they become available.  

GLBT support group formed at
Arizona Western College, Yuma, AZ     

The group called the Gay Straight Alliance for Equality has the support of administration and students alike and is a sign of changing times in Yuma.  

Get more information on joining this club here

The YumaVoice
GayInYuma.com Continuing Coverage

Friends of Amancio Speak Out on Arrest

Friends of Amancio Corrales, the gay 23 year-old female impersonator, who was murdered on May 6, 2005 just outside of Paradise Cove in Yuma, AZ, say they knew justice would prevail.   

"After this happened we did not know what to think," a long-time friend of Amancio told GayInYuma.com.  "But we never stopped caring and never gave up."

Amanico's friends played a big part in keeping the Yuma County Sheriff's investigation alive and providing support to both Amanico's family and the entire gay community over the past two years.  While friends may now be resting easier, they will never forget what happened and never be the same.

Ruben Solorio-Valenzuela
For the Yuma Sun's coverage of the Amancio murder, click HERE.
Plea agreement  reached in Corrales murder

A plea agreement is being negotiated in the criminal case against Ruben Solorio Valenzuela, who is accused of the 2005 murder of Amancio Corrales.
"The case is in plea negotiations, but beyond that we can't discuss any of the details," said Chief Criminal Deputy County Attorney Roger Nelson.
Learn more HERE:

Amancio Corrales
powered by:

On August 22, 2008, Yuma County Judge Honorable Andrew Gould Sentences Rubin Solorio Valenzuela to 8.7 years in prison less 456 days time served for attempted manslaughter in the dealth of Amancio Corrales.

Former Kofa High School math teacher Chris Parrett, 34, is charged with eight felonies, including seven counts of Sexual Conduct With A Minor, one count of Furnishing Harmful Items To Minors,  and one count of Sexual Abuse.  Prosecutors alledge improper touching, fondling, kissing, even oral and anal sex, sometimes occuring at an after school yearbook meeting!

(Yuma, AZ, February 12, 2009)  In a shocking court proceeding on February 12, 2009, a relentless plaintiff (who’s name we are not publishing) and his attorneys Clark and Associates of Yuma, AZ,  not only go after Chris Parrett, the former Kofa High math teacher for underage gay sex with the at the time 16 year-old, they drop the bomb, and go after the school and the entire Yuma Union High School District itself!  $$$???

The plaintiff’s attorneys charge that: 

“Defendant Parrett sexually assaulted, molested and abused Plaintiff while he was Plaintiff’s teacher. Defendant Parrett’s sexual assaults, molestations and abuse of Plaintiff include, among other acts, improper touching, fondling, kissing and oral and anal sex with Plaintiff. The assaults, molestations and abuse occurred on numerous occasions during the school year, at locations both on and off of school property, and during, and in connection with, classes and school activities, including late night, unsupervised school yearbook activities.”

You can see the full court papers by clicking here.   (Warning, some of the content is graphic.)
Former Kofa High teacher sentenced 
FromThe Sun Newspaper  Yuma, AZ    

(Yuma, AZ, July 31, 2009)

A former Kofa High School teacher was sentenced Friday to six months in jail and four years probation in Yuma Superior Court.

Christopher Parrett was arrested in October and originally charged with six counts of sexual conduct with a minor, one count of furnishing obscene materials to a minor and one count of sexual abuse.

Parrett pleaded guilty to one count of sexual conduct with a minor. He originally entered into a plea agreement that would have sentenced him to 10 years' probation. However, Superior Court Judge Andrew Gould would not accept a sentence that did not include prison time.

The case was reassigned to Superior Court John P. Plante, who accepted the guilty plea and sentenced Parrett Friday to six months in jail and four years' probation. Parrett was accused of having inappropriate sexual conduct with a male student while employed at Kofa High in 2006. Parrett left the position after the school year finished for a teaching position at Captial High School in Helena, Mont., where he was arrested in October.

Findings from a local investigation were presented to the Yuma County Attorney's Office after a local investigation was conducted. After posting bail in Montana, Parrett was ordered to appear in Yuma Justice Court later that month, which he did.

​        Commentary Corner,With CJ "Flamer"  

So the 411...We have a former Kofa High School student..who by the way we can say his name now since he is over 18, Kyle Hawkey, who was 16 and a senior when these homosexual events involving him getting f*cked by his math teacher Chris Parrett took place.....According to court filings many of these encounters took place (and I quote) "after school hours, at after school places, even at after school year book meetings"!!!!  Good Lord.  (I saw the pics of Chris btw, kind of cute)...Hawkey, is now 19, and he denies any contact between him and the cute 34 year-old teacher was mutual...hmm..He says it was reoccurring (and I quote again) "assaults, molestations and abuse" that took place...Hmmm...In looking into this, I learned Hawkey and his family are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Yuma---a stronghold here with members including former Mayor Larry Nelson and a Church that openly does not approve of or permit homosexual behavior within its membership:-(  Worse yet, I read in the Yuma Sun Hawkey, is now a junior at Brigham Young University, a university owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!!... I also learn he comes from a from a prominent republican Yuma family. So prominent, his mother is Christina Hawkey a professor at Arizona Western College and his father Robert , a Morman republican, is a well known local real estate agent and leader with the Boy Scouts (Troop #7 in Yuma), another organization that does not approve of or permit homosexual behavior within its membership :-(  Hmm....let’s see...his parents are prominent, they are republican, they are Mormon, one is a leader in the Boy Scouts, one is a college professor...geeee, I really wonder why Kyle says none of this was mutual..He'd be crazy to tell them otherwise!!!!  You know, a high school senior may be underage, and yes it was illegal for Chris to do what he did and he should have been held accountable for that...but don't think for a minute that a HS senior does not know what they want sexually...and even if he was just curious, that in itself implies it was in part mutual...If a HS senior would continue to let his math teacher bang his ass, he had to in  some way, shape or form like / want it....or he would have said STOP....this dude is smart he is not disabled....1st...His momma and dad need to realize our president is a black democrat and homosexuality is genetic and ok....Kyle was pampered and babied by his over parenting parents. and now they need to open their eyes and stop their Mormon republican ways and accept the fact that it’s ok my son is gay....2nd, they need to accept him because they know it is not a choice, but rather genetic....and they need to see that it’s ok to be gay......Bottom line, it is definitely a mess......I just hope everyone is truthful and happy....We wish Kyle well and he has our blessings in this tough time for him and his family....


PFLAG Yuma debut January 2010
After years in the making, Yuma Arzizona is the latest Arizona city to start a new PFLAG Chapter.  

PFLAG YUMA meets the 4th Sunday of EVERY month @ 5:00pm beginning January 24, 2010

Location?:     The Foothills Alano Club
                       12535 S. Foothills Blvd., Yuma AZ 85367 

Who's Welcome?:
Parents, family members, and friends of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and "questioning" (GLBTQ) individuals, couples, and families.  GLBTQ individuals are also fully welcome and encouraged to attend so that we may all learn from one another.  Straight allies who support our work, and anyone who'd like to learn more about GLBTQ issues are also welcome.

Confidential Helpline:  928.580.9553    Web:  www.pflagarizona.org/yuma
Confidential Email:      yuma@pflagarizona.org 

Former Yuma Mayor Comes OUT ...  
as one the USA's most anti-gay mayors??

See more websites discussing the Mayor's now internationally seen remarks HERE.
Limp-wristed soldiers??  Not in my military!!
The only thing "Limp" is his apology---
and....well, lets not go there!! 

"Lacy-drawered, limp-wristed” soldiers don't impress 
Yuma's cowboy Republican Mayor, Al Krieger.  The mayor's 
comments have now been reported in USA Today and 
around the world.  YumaVoice EXCLUSIVE from July 2010.

Mayor Al showed his true self when speaking in favor
of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” the policy that bans gays from serving openly. 
During a Memorial Day speech at Desert Lawn Cemetery in Yuma Mayor Al stated
“I cannot believe that a bunch of limp-wristed, lacey-drawed people could do what
 those men have done in the past.”   Krieger made it clear he believes gay soldiers are inferior to straight soldiers.

Openly gay Marine Eric Alva called Krieger's comments “hateful.”  “Apparently old prejudices die hard,” Alva, the first service member injured in the Iraq war, wrote at HRCBackStory.org. Jarrod Chlapowski, an openly gay Army veteran, also criticized Krieger, saying: “It's deliberately offensive, an inaccurate characterization of gay and lesbian service members that do serve this country honorably everyday.”

“As mayor I must respect the lifestyle choices of others, no matter how disagreeable they are with my personal beliefs or my personal moral standards,” Krieger told the Yuma Sun a day after his comment.  “I apologize for my comments at the Memorial Day service at Desert Lawn cemetery on Memorial Day,” he added.  However, earlier the mayor had defended his comments. Speaking to local NBC affiliate KYMA, he said he was only speaking from his heart and compared himself to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, saying those leaders would have agreed with him.  (Is he crazy?  Perhaps he thinks he can connect with the dead to see if they agree?)

In his KYMA-TV interview, he goes on to say:  “There is an issue currently in the military with homosexuals serving on the battlefield and I think it's going to be detrimental to men on the battlefield to have that conflict with sexual preference,” then added that America is at war and in need of “solid, strong men, not pacifists, to fight those battles.”   

(Mayor Al did you vomit after watching Brokeback Mountain?  Sir, this is not 1888, go polish your boots and dust off your spurs and wake the f*ck up---gay people can defend America as well as straight people, idiot.)

Closet Door Shuts on Short-lived Yuma Gay Bar...
Out of the closet?  The Closet is now out of Yuma.  

On August 1, 2010, after only a year and a half, Yuma's only gay bar closed its doors.  
Slow business and newer clubs in Mexicali caused revenue to significantly drop in 2010. According to the owners, it just was not cost effective to stay open.  

The Closet was a hometown bar often donating a portion of its proceeds to the Yuma Crossroads Mission and other charities.  Locals we spoke with like Jose Ramos say they truly hope it will reopen but realize that is not likely anytime soon.  "We will miss this bar and the things it did for our community," he said.

SIDE NOTE:  On December 18, 2010, the United States Senate voted 65-31 to repeal the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.  This vote will end the 17 year ban and pave the way for all gays to serve openly in any branch of the United States military.  Mayor Krieger is no longer Mayor of Yuma.
Groundbreaking partnership:  
YPD and Yuma PFLAG team up to provide GLBT anti-violence education class.

The stats are shocking.  In the last 6 years two reported physical attacks and one murder within the Yuma County GLBT community!  In response, PFLAG Yuma teamed up with the Yuma Police Department to offer local GLBT residents a first-hand look at preventive techniques designed to reduce the chances of becoming a victim.  The detailed safety class was held May 13, 2011 at Unity Center of the Desert Church, 281 W. 24th Street and conducted by an experienced YPD Safety Officer.  The class provided imperative GLBT anti-violence education to the Desert Southwest's growing GLBT community. Learn more about PFLAG Yuma here.

* It should be noted that all of the GLBT residents GayInYuma.com spoke with say they feel safe in Yuma, but tell us that knowledge is power and appreciate the efforts by both YPD and PFLAG. 

Yuma Police Department offers helping hand to Yuma's GLBT community. 
Arizona's Marriage Equality Walk came to Yuma on Saturday, August 6, 2011.  The 99-mile walk traveled across Southern Arizona in the state's hottest month to emphasize the suffering LGBT couples denied marriage have.  The walkers traveled through 18 cities and 9 counties bringing a message of love and acceptance to police, city leaders, faith-based communities, elected officials and individuals. While in Yuma walkers engaged and educated city officials as well as local faith-based organizations about  homosexuality and the importance of equal marriage for all.  

Update:  On June 26, 2015, gay marriage became legal in all 50 states.

99-mile walk arrived in Yuma on August 6th.
Equality walkers spending hottest month of year on foot to bring public awareness to gay marriage...
When Oz Nightclub opened in 2011, it seemed to offer something most Yuma gay clubs lacked.  The club was classy. It had style.   

But we all know gay clubs in Yuma don't last long.  There was The Alternative, The Closet, then Oz.  All just a memory.  But this club had a horrid end with its owner, Mark Seward, committing suicide shortly after the club shut down.  

As we look back, we remember the fun and mourn the clubs tragic end.  

April 2012:  
Oz Nightclub owner Mark Seward arrested 

August 2012:  
Oz Nightclub owner Mark Seward commits suicide 
Jealousy, drama, and sex.  Prominent Sheriff's Underwear Photos Go Viral.
The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of GayInYuma.com or it's sponsors.  Some content may be graphic and not suitable for children under 18.
Don't piss your sis off!   Maybe she was jealous of his new success and watching him gain all this national attention while being a fake???  
Speaking exclusively to ABC15 in Phoenix in March 2012, Lucy Babeau, the biological sister of Sheriff Paul Babeau, stated:

Paul had a relationship with a 17 year old male student and actually allowed the student to live with him, all while he was headmaster / executive director of a school for troubled youth.  Records of abuse, including sexual abuse at the DeSisto School also surfaced, all when Babeau was headmaster.    

YumaVoice EXCLUSIVE!  From February 2012.  Paul Babeau, the ultra conservative republican Sheriff of Pinal County, former co-chair of the Romney Arizona election committee and a devout advocate of deporting illegal immigrants, is forced to hold a press conference to come out as gay after his secret immigrant Mexican ex lover leaks the evidence the Sherriff most feared---text messages, his Adam4Adam profile, and undee photos!!   

Here is the untold story, the real story.  The truth, EXPOSED!

1.)The motive??  Jealousy.   Paul was a known liar, a known player, a known cheat to the guys he dated and or f*cked.  How do we know this?  They told us.  In the gay world many know the stigma about young jealous gay Mexican guys:  don’t cheat on them, or else!  Paul learned this the hard way.

2.)How did this happen?  First off, Babeau was indeed the boyfriend of Jose.  He told Jose this, and they said they loved each other.  Just want to make that clear.  Jose understood he was the secret boyfriend of the Sheriff.  And he was fine with that.  But they were boyfriends, and Jose was honest, he was not seeing anyone else.  Suspecting his boyfriend was cheating, Jose did what all jealous gay men have done to try to trap their player boyfriends; he created a fake a4a profile!  Jose’s profile was that of another younger Latin guy (Babeau likes Latin twinks) to try trap him and get evidence his own boyfriend (Babeau) was cheating.   IT WORKED!  Babeau not only fell for the trap, he told Jose he was at work when he was really on a4a chatting with the fake account.  The fake profile (Jose) asked “do you have face pics??  This is common in a4a chat if you don’t have face pics in your profile.  Babeau said sure, and he e-mailed them to a hotmail account Jose had set up with the fake Adam4Adam account.  The trap worked.  Babeau had e-mailed pics of him in his undees that he can’t deny due to his obvious tattoos.  

3.)The leaks?:  Jose leaked the pics and information to a friend that worked at a local Phoenix newspaper (The New Times).   Next?  The mainstream Phoenix media picked on the story.  Next?  The national media.  Next?  International coverage.  

In a jam, the Sheriff spoke with his attorneys.  They advised him that because of the text messages and photos, Babeau could not deny he is gay.  But they told him they could keep him out of trouble----deny you did anything illegal they said.  And here we are today.  

Bottom line.  Karma is a bitch.  Don't mess with young gay jealous mexican guys, especially if you are a cheat!  

Club owner Mark Seward looks in on his drag queens
New Clubs, More People...Mexicali's Gay Scene is Heating Up!
Michael H. Baughman, the father of Yuma's gay rights movement dies.
Michael H. Baughman, born January 5, 1943, died in his sleep Saturday, March 23, 2013 at his home in the Yuma Foothills after battling an ongoing disease. Michael, 70, was a long-time gay and human rights advocate in Yuma.  He is the founder of the Amancio Project and personally helped bring the killer of Amancio Corrales to justice, he was instrumental in developing the PFLAG Yuma chapter, the Gay Straight Alliance at Yuma High School, Speak Out for Equality at AWC, and he was the founder of the Yuma County Gay Rights Meet-up. 

Active in the Democratic Party, Michael also was treasurer of Yuma Fine Arts, President of Guest Artist Performances, started his own catering business and worked with disadvantaged youth through Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  Michael also found the first AIDS Awareness Group over 25 years ago, which is now the Yuma AIDS Project through the Department of Health.  Michael, an Army veteran, was disabled for many years due to a blood vessel bursting in his head but managed to overcome all odds of recovery and live a near normal life touching many people in his later years. 

Michael and the mother 
of Amancio Corrales
Long-time Calexico Resident and "Mirage" Regular Francisco Cardenas, Jr. Dies
Remembering Yuma's Oz Nightclub.  Friends, fun and tragedy.
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Is Mexicali the new gay hotspot?  
For many locals it sure is...

GayInYuma.com has always prided itself in covering the gay scene in Mexicali since first publishing our Mexicali Gay Club Guide back in 2003.  We recently spoke to club employees that tell us attendance is WAY up and more people from Yuma and Imperial Valley are making the trip down to Mexicali to party it up. 

Gnights, the popular gay club in Mexicali, is expanding and adding Club Venneno. The expanded venue is the latest and newest hangout for area gays as the gay club scene in Mexicali explodes!  Mexicali’s very own gayborhood, Avenida Lerdo De Tejado, is priding itself as a thriving neighborhood where people can be themselves.  We are told Mexicali is even looking at hosting a gay pride in this neighborhood and other ways to promote itself as a gay friendly city.  Stay tuned and pay Mexicali a visit if you haven't recently.  Order our Gay Club Guide to Mexicali for more information.
Imperial Valley resident and long time Mexicali club goer Francisco Cardenas, Jr. has passed away 
March 23, 2012.  Cardenas, well known in the Mexicali gay club scene and a regular at Mirage, was also known for his active and public roles in local politics.  He was a former Calexico School Board candidate and Healthcare District candidate, successfully hired as a housing commissioner for the City of Calexico at the age of 21. 

In December of 2008 things went downhill for Cardenas when he was arrested for credit card fraud charged with stealing a Calexico city councilman's city-issued credit card and maxing it out at Wal-Mart. 

The YumaVoice has confirmed the cause of death as an overdose of his prescribed prescription medication.
Cardenas Campaign Sign
Cardenas at Mirage, Mexicali
First there was the Women's Rights Movement of the 1920's, then the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's and now the Gay Rights Movement of the 2000's.  Finally the millions of gay Americans told by their own government since 1776 they were not permitted to marry who they love can finally wed in most states.  This comes after 239 years of repression and discrimination from a government that found itself on the premise of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and that All Men Are Created Equal.  
239 years later, our time has finally come Yuma! 

Luis Galindo Jr. and Francisco Javier Cabada made history when they officially tied the knot in October 2014, becoming the first same-sex couple to legally wed in Yuma County. The couple was joined as one by Yuma County Superior Court Judge Maria Elena Cruz during a ceremony at the county courthouse. The wedding of two men here was inconceivable before gay marriage became legal throughout the state on Oct. 17. Legalization was the result of an Oct. 6 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court allowing judicial orders striking down gay marriage bans to remain in effect, and a subsequent ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals barring Arizona officials from enforcing a 1996 state law and a 2008 voter-approved constitutional amendment that outlawed same-sex nuptials. 

See full article here courtesy of the Yuma Sun.

First GAY wedding in Yuma County history! 
Gay couple ties the knot at Yuma County Courthouse...
Luis Galindo Jr. and
 Francisco Javier Cabada tie the knot!
GayInYuma.com is not responsible for the content of  
Commentary Corner nor its accuracy. The opinions expressed 
are not necessarily those of GayInYuma.com or its sponsors. 

A gay wedding and a gay pride parade in San Luis?  

Yes indeed people, the first same-sex marriage in the Mexican state of Sonora was performed at a wedding one day before Valentine's Day 2015 in San Luis Río Colorado, about 25 miles south of Yuma.  The wedding was held in a private home, to which Civil Registry officials had agreed to be driven to without knowing the destination in advance.  The female couple is around 27 years old, and were financially unable to pay for legal complaint against the state, nor could they afford to travel to Mexico City where same-sex marriage is legal. So a San Luis lawyer helped the two women and represented them to the RC government for free and won! Kudos to Víctor Acosta Cid of Cid and Associates and thanks for all you did.  Read more here.

Meanwhile, gay San Luis doesn't stop there.  The San Luis Gay Pride Celebration, a small gay pride celebration, is now over 6 years old and kicks off every year at the Noa Antro Bar, San Luis' primary gay and drag club.  For details and dates see: https://www.facebook.com/noa.antroshow 

Gay realness comes to San Luis, RC!
Gay pride celebration and now gay wedding underway in San Luis, RC!
Ronnie's Pizza Boycott!
Popular Yuma pizza shop boycott after manager serves up "big slice of hate!"  
With marriage equality now legal in all 50 states and the confederate flag finally coming down at the South Carolina state capitol, one Yuma businessman is voicing his opposition on Facebook. Referring to himself as "lawless" while wearing a black hat over his eyes and touting the Confederate flag as his profile picture, Ronnie Rubino, Jr., the manager of Ronnie's Pizza in Yuma, and son of owner Ronnie Rubino, Sr., calls America a "pussy ass faggot loving nation," then says Americans pushing marriage equality are "immoral pieces of sh*t" and asks them to "go f*uck themselves."  He goes on to compare homosexuals to polygamists and even child molesters. His controversial comments have lead to a massive boycott of the well known Yuma pizza shop. Organizers of the boycott created this Facebook page encouraging potential and present patrons of the shop to stay away.  So far over 230 people have become members of the page.  The YumaVoice was unable to reach Rubino, Jr. or Rubino, Sr. for comment but Rubino, Sr. told KYMA-TV that “Ronnie’s Pizza does not discriminate in any way against anyone, no matter who." Ronnie's Pizza is located at 2059 S. Avenue A and can be reached at (928) 782-6842.
Michael H. Baughman
January 5, 1943 - March 23, 2013
Self-proclaimed grand-nephew of Cesar Chavez BUSTED for intentionally spreading HIV!
Thomas Guerra, aka: Ashton Chavez, sits in JAIL!  
Cesar Chavez, Guerra's alleged great-uncle, was one the nation's leading civil rights leaders achieving worker rights for many field workers in the Imperial Valley and Yuma.
Thomas Miguel Guerra, the self-proclaimed grand-nephew of famed civil rights leader 
Cesar Chavez pleads guilty to infecting his own boyfriend with the virus!

While Thomas' self-proclaimed great-uncle was known in California for standing up for civil rights of all persons, including GLBT Americans, Guerra, a former landscape professional, will forever be known as the first person in California to be convicted for intentionally infecting another individual with HIV! 

The New York Daily News reports Guerra told his former partner whom he met on the gay dating application Grindr, that he was HIV-negative when they began dating in August, 2013 and that Guerra had coaxed him into having unprotected sex!  The former partner who filed the charges against Guerra, is now HIV-positive.

Even more shocking, The Yuma Voice is told over 11,000 text messages have been recovered in the investigation where Guerra actually brags how he infected other gay men with HIV.  An additional 24 men have come forward, many in the San Diego area, saying he also lied to them. 

Guerra was sentenced to six months prison on May 5, 2015.

See the full NY Daily News article here.  

Thomas Guerra, born 1985,  sent to jail for knowingly infecting others with HIV.
SHOCKING: One of Guerra's text messages recovered by San Diego investigators.
Credit:  The NY Daily News
Former CFO of Yuma County sent to JAIL for sex crimes with an UNDERAGE autistic boy!
Former county 'big shot' preyed on a local autistic boy using the gay meet-up app Grindr!
PEDAPHILE ALERT:  Below, Scott Holt, the former Yuma County CFO, who plead guilty to felony sexual misconduct with a 15 year old autistic boy, is shackled and cuffed in a red prison jump suit and sentenced to 1 1/2 years.

Scott Holt, the prominent Yuma County executive, 69 years old at the time of his arrest, was arrested for engaging in sexual misconduct with a 15 year old boy. 
The Yuma Voice won't name the boy to protect the victim, but through our sources confirm is autistic. Holt worked in both Washington State and Alaska, but moved to the desert southwest to work for the county, where he oversaw all aspects of finance, serving in official capacity as the Chief Financial Officer of Yuma County.

Holt will now serve 1 1/2 years in prison on felony sexual misconduct. Yuma's KYMA-TV spoke with the victim’s sister, Sandra Padilla, who said her brother was targeted through the gay meet-up app Grindr back in July 2017. She said that’s how her family was able to track down Holt, after vewing several of the messages between the "Hungry Holt" and her 15 year old brother.  Padilla and her mother went to the authorities soon thereafter and shut him down.

"Since my brother has to go to therapy, and has become more aggressive, the judge wanted to give him more time" said Padilla. An aggravation hearing was held before sentencing and the court found the victim suffered both severe emotional damage and suffering as a result of Holt's perverted actions. 

The Padilla family is still in shock but glad this predator we call the
"INCREDIBLE HOLT"  is finally.....BEHIND BARS!   

View Scott Holt's Rap Sheet Here
Yuma was proud, really proud! 
HUGE success for Yuma's 
first ever GLBTQ Pride event!

Yuma Pride is now a reality, a sign of changing times for the city.
Nearly 1,000 attendees, media, performers, politicians, non-profits, musicians, dj's and more took over downtown Yuma and celebrated the rainbow in a huge way!  The May 19, 2018 event included drag shows, costume contests, local bands, and started with the official Yuma Pride Parade. Pride-goers wore rainbow everything, including lots of makeup. 
The event is historic—at least one person uses the word “legendary.” It’s Yuma’s first Pride event ever, and marks the beginning of a new tradition for our ever evolving city.

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GLBTQ History Made in Yuma!  'FIRST EVER' Yuma PRIDE Becomes Reality.
After years in the making, nearly 1,000 participate in Yuma's first ever pride parade & festival!
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